Testing Services

We are specialists in business critical systems and complete end to end testing lifecycles applying best practice testing methods to all phases of testing; including:

  • Software Test Consultancy
  • Software Test Management
  • Deployment of IT Systems
  • Development of Testing Centres of Excellence and In-House Testing Capability
  • Management of Offshore Testing
  • Test Methodologies and Test Process Improvement
  • Development Testing (inc. Unit, System & Acceptance)
  • Non-Functional Testing (inc. Performance & Usability)
  • Web-Site Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Selection and roll-out of automated test tools
  • Testing of Embedded Systems
  • Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Systems and Data Migration
  • Data Cleansing

Our core Testing Services are Test Assurance, Test Consultancy and Provision of Test Resouces.


Test Assurance

Test Assurance critiques your test approach for suitability and effectiveness.

At the project initiation stage it’s a form of insurance, supporting the identification and application of the most appropriate testing approach. Test Assurance provides a subjective view with direct feedback to stakeholders and is totally independent from the delivery of the project.

When projects get into difficulty, Test Assurance rapidly identifies the issues relating to testing and provides practical & pragmatic actions to get the project back on track.

We can provide this service directly or work with your organisation to set-up an internal Test Assurance function. Both services deliver:

  • A project independent and balanced view of the status and quality of testing
  • Rapid, accurate and valuable information to support decision-making
  • Increased confidence in the success of your projects

If you’d like to know more about our Test Assurance Service please contact us.


Testing Consultancy

Utilise our testing expertise whatever your testing issue. We are happy to talk to you and explore your testing requirements and this can be in the form of a exploration teleconference or an onsite workshop.



Provision of Test Resources

We supply specialist personnel to perform Software Testing for clients. Individual testers or whole test teams can be supplied for any phase of development and any type of software testing. SoftwareTest can also accommodate customers wishing to outsource their complete test function.